4pc. Tile and Natural Stone Bit Set

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(1) 1/8″ Tile and Natural Stone Bit(48-20-8990)
(1) 3/16″ Tile and Natural Stone Bit(48-20-8991)
(1) 1/4″ Tile and Natural Stone Bit(48-20-8992)
(1) 5/16″ Tile and Natural Stone Bit(48-20-8993)

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Our 4-Piece Tile and Natural Stone Drill Bit Set delivers up to 2x life in granite, stone, ceramic tile, and glass. Hammer mode capability provides faster drilling speeds when drilling natural stone tiles, like granite and marble. Equipped with an aggressive 8-grind carbide head, these bits deliver up to 20% faster drilling. These bits feature reinforced tips that protect the carbide head, providing the durability needed for use in hammer drill mode. MILWAUKEE® Tile and Natural Stone Bits can be used in drill-only mode or hammer drill-mode, and we don’t recommend them for porcelain tile. This kit includes (1) 1/8″, (1) 3/16″, (1) 1/4″, and (1) 5/16″ drill bit for natural stone.