Lineman’s Hawkbill Knife w/ STICKWORK™ 3in1 Ring

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  • STICKWORK 3in1 Ring
  • Stays Sharper Longer
  • Ideal for Stripping Cable
  • Easy to Hang
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Oversized Ergonomic Handle
  • Hawkbill Blade
  • Compatible with Shotgun and Universal Hot Sticks
  • Durable Molded Sheath with Belt Clip
  • Fixed Blade
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    Our Lineman’s Hawkbill Knife with STICKWORK™ 3-in-1 Ring has a stainless steel blade that is optimized to stay sharper longer. The power utility knife is ideal for stripping cables. Equipped with the new STICKWORK™ 3-in-1 Ring, the utility knife is compatible with both shotgun and universal-style hot sticks. The ring allows you to easily hang the knife for storage. The oversized ergonomic handle is designed for you to comfortably use the utility blade with gloves while a durable, molded knife holster makes it easy for you to carry and store your knife safely.