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  • Forged, Spring-loaded jaw
  • Easy to Adjust Telecoping handle – 10″-17″ Length
  • Ergonomic Handle Design for Maximum Comfort and One-Handed Use
  • Screwdriver Ready Through Hole Handle Design for Maximum Leverage and Break-Away Torque
  • Ratchet-Ready Handle Design for Maximum Speed and Torque
  • Pivoting Jaws up to 90 degrees for Access to Tight Spaces
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    The Milwaukee 2.5″ Basin Wrench is designed for the industry’s easiest basin swap-out’s. The Milwaukee Basin Wrench features an ergonomic handle, designed to fit in the palm for maximum efficiency and comfort. A new-to-world ratchet ready and screwdriver ready handle allows for maximum speed and break-away torque for difficult to remove or corroded fasteners. Featuring a forged and hardened jaw with an optimized tooth pattern, the Milwaukee Basin Wrench provides maximum grip and durability. The telescoping handle is designed to allow for easy adjustment between handle lengths.