14″ Diamond Ultra™ Segmented Blade

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  • Fastest Cutting. Maximum Run Time.
  • Turbo Notch Design for up to 2.5x faster cutting in concrete
  • Laser Welded Segments for increased durability in tough materials
  • Vented Steel Core keeps blade cool for consistent, fast cutting and up to 75% longer run time in concrete
  • Beveled Edge for smooth starts & faster plunge cuts
  • Ideal for cured concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, paver, brick, and block
  • Keyhole Gullets for rapid debris removal and extended blade life
  • Ideal for use with MX FUEL™ 14” Cut Off Saw
  • Compatible with the MX FUEL™ cordless cut-off saw, hand-held gas cut-off saws, low HP walk behind saws and masonry saws
  • Arbor Size – 1” & 20mm
  • Maximum RPM: 5,500
  • For Wet/Dry Use
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Our Diamond Ultra Segmented Blades are engineered with notch segments to provide you with up to 25% faster cutting in cured concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, paver, brick, and block. Our Diamond Ultra blades feature notch segments to clear debris faster for more efficient cutting through a wide range of wet and dry cutting applications. These segmented diamond saw blades are laser welded for maximum durability in rebar and other tough materials. We designed these Diamond Ultra Segmented Blades for use with the MILWAUKEE® MX FUEL™ 14” Cut-Off Saw and other hand-held cut-off saws, giving you the fastest cutting compared to other diamond blades on general-purpose concrete and masonry materials. Choose from 12” or 14” blade options.